Conquer your Fear of Maths!

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With Dragon Whiz, your children will keep asking for more... maths!


Make the most out of your children's screen time. They love playing fun video games, so choose us, and they will play maths!



Accessible from 6 year old.

   Easy Mode:

simple additions and subtractions

   Normal Mode: practice time tables and all operations

    Advanced Mode: challenge yourself with more complex mental maths



 Become a dragon and fly through maths quizzes.


For each good answer, a baby dragon will follow you. Form the longest chain of dragons!

Compare your score with players worldwide.


Tested and approved

by children, teachers, and parents.

An innovative way to practice

maths skills.


Created by an  award-winning entrepreneur in Education, founder of a group of schools in Asia, and proud  mother of 2.

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An Easy, Fun and Rewarding Game to Play and Practise Maths,

From 6 to 99 Year Old!


Everybody Loves Dragon Whiz!


“I really enjoyed the game because it is fun and easy to learn mathematics. It's also easy to play and i know everyone will like it!

Annabelle, 8 year old

Who are we?

A small, passionate and creative team based in Singapore



Lim Chian Song


Co-founded Rotten Mage, an

Independent Game Development studio based in the sunny island of Singapore. Inspired by classic games from the 90’s era that he grew up playing, he hopes to bring that experience to new generations. They specialize in developing fun entertaining contents for various platforms.



Viviane Salin

Founder & Producer


French entrepreneur, founded a group of French bilingual schools in Asia. A mother of 2 who wants her kids to play and learn, using their screen time wisely, she decided to create a game that kids would love playing while practicing their maths skills. She founded Dragon Whiz Studios in 2018 to produce an innovative series of fun educational online games.





Jason is a video game artist that primarily specializes in providing art direction and conceptual design. He is currently teaching in Singapore. He is a first-time dad as well.


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